A.S.A.P. Resource Group, Inc. ASAP Federal, ASAP Commercial, ASAP Medical

ASAP Difference

A.S.A.P. Resource Group, Inc. prides itself on being unique in the industry. Our talent base of individual candidates is proven and reliable and thoroughly validated before we get them energized in the engagement process.

In a highly competitive labor market, it is critical that we attract and retain quality candidates. We understand the candidates' priorities and what it takes to attract and retain them. By understanding client needs and environment, we provide candidates that are a match to your IT culture and environment. By aligning the candidate with your requirements, we shorten the time to fill the position. We leverage all available sources to get the right candidate, including most importantly, our internal database of vetted resources and candidate referrals. We screen every resume, host face-to-face interviews, conduct technical assessments, and perform detailed reference checks prior to presenting candidates to you. We understand the investments you make in intellectual property by having a candidate join your team. We dramatically reduce candidate fall-out and turnover by our continued communication with our candidates from resume submission throughout the time they are on contract ensures they remain happy and committed through contract completion. We avoid the professional job hopper and look for the right person for each engagement.

Our business process is very client friendly. We understand the importance of working in harmony with our clients to eliminate or minimize the barriers that will keep you from meeting your critical deadlines, cost points and milestones. With this in mind, we guarantee 100% satisfaction with our candidates, administrative activity and outsourcing services.