A.S.A.P. Resource Group, Inc. ASAP Federal, ASAP Commercial, ASAP Medical


Our overarching goal is to establish and encourage an open, productive, results oriented culture where everyone can contribute and grow. We believe our most valued resource is the people within our extended organization. This extended organization includes both A.S.A.P. internal staff, as well as, candidates that have been selected to be part of our client's organization. All of our people participate in an aligned corporate strategy, common values and consistent operational principals. It is everyone's mandate to focus on client deliverables and to ensure complete client satisfaction. This will foster long term strategic relationships that are a win for all stakeholders.

The foundation of our culture is ethical conduct and behavior toward the client, staff and associates. Our organization values and respects the dignity of the individual, while fostering an environment of teamwork and open/honest communication. Our yardstick will be continuous improvement to ensure flawless execution. Adaptability and innovation will ensure competitive advantage.

We believe by living this culture, we will ensure a sustainable competitive advantage for our company and our clients.